Centural Minecraft Server Status Information
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/trigger sethome Used to set home. Note: If you change your username, your last sethome position will be lost
/trigger home Used to teleport home instantly.
/trigger spawn Used to teleport to spawn instantly.
/trigger wild Used to teleport to a random wild location. Note: Do not move after typing command
/trigger tpa set # Used to teleport to in-game player. # is the player number, which can be found by holding tab. The number is on the right of the player's username
/trigger setreturn Set XYZ coordinates for the command /trigger return Note: Coordinates will be overridden if you teleport to home or spawn
/trigger return Return to XYZ coordinates See: /trigger setreturn for more information
/trigger warp set #ID Warps you ti #ID Note: ID is a number on the TAB menu in game (When you press and hold TAB on your keyboard you will see a list of players and a yellow id by their name)

IP Address:

Java Edition: centural.us

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